Monday, May 15, 2006


The purpose of this survey was to learn how much people like and maby do artistic things. I saw and I learned many things about art in everyone’s life. Art is every where in the world so i just wanted to see how people is implicate.


I created the survey on 9 March 2006 and since this date 22 people have responded to my survey. All of the respondents are students from CEGEP Édouard-Monpetit. The survey was designed to see how people consider art. The survey got 10 various questions about art, let see the results of those questions.


The survey shows that nobody hates arts, as the following chart demonstrates.

1. Do you like arts?

Response Percent
Response Total



A little bit
Total Respondents

Almost 41% of the 22 respondent prefer cinema to painting sculpture and music. Of all the respondents 14 like the cinema more than the theater, dance, music shows and art expositions. My question four demonstrates that fifty percent of the respondents do artistic things, if you compare to the world it’s almost three billion of people who do art. So most of the people like and do some kind of art.


Most of the people think that art is beautiful and they are right. The governement subsidizes artists but it needs to subsidize more because it’s in everyone’s life. It’s so present in our life than people think that an artist is as important as a scientist. The anwer to question 8 allowed us to assume that art will be very important in the future.


As we saw most of the people like art, it gives us some fellings that nothing else can do.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Montreal city

The good thing about Monteal is Crescent Street. I like going out sometimes, I mean clubbing, that happens often during the week-end and this is the place to be to meet people and make a lot of friends. On Crescent Street there are so many good restaurents like the Eggspectation for breakfeast, for example. One of my friends works at the Vatican, it’s a club on that same street. The good thing knowing someone is, every week-end we have a place near the club reserved for us, we don’t pay the entrance and our alcohol is free. Of course there are other popular streets in Monteal like, St-Denis, St-Catherine or St-Laurent, but my favorite is Crescent.